Do you accept new clients?

We are always open to meeting new clients and their pets, however new clients are currently being scheduled approximately 2-3 weeks in advance. You can request an appointment here. Due to high demand and the presence of local after-hour emergency clinics, we do not accept new clients for after-hour emergencies.

What should I have ready for my first appointment?

Please have any old records or paperwork from your previous veterinarian on hand. It is very helpful to be able to review this information prior to your appointment. You can submit it here:

Please also have any medication that your animal is on. Don’t forget to have your animals ready for the appointment by being caught in advance. As cats like to sneak away with anything suspicious, they need to be contained prior to the appointment.

What type of payment options are accepted?

Cash, credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Do you bill for your services?

Payment is due at the time of service. Unfortunately, we do not accept payment plans.

What is the charge for a house call visit?

The house call fee is based on location, please call to get an estimate. In the interest of being readily available to her patients and clients, Dr. Brown covers a 50-mile radius.

Is there an additional fee for the examination of my animal?

Yes. This cost varies depending on the services being provided as a wellness exam is different than a comprehensive equine lameness exam.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please understand that appointment slots are very limited with being a mobile practice. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 48 hours notice so we can help other pets.

Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice, will incur a fee equal to your trip fee.

Do you provide telemed or telehealth services?

For active clients whose pet we have examined within a year, we are able to provide telemed services. The cost of this convenience starts at $25 for a brief 5 minute conversation, and the final cost depends on the duration of communication with the Doctor. We will do our part to collect as much pertinent details in advance.

For new clients or patients, we are only legally allowed to provide telehealth services. This means that we cannot diagnose, treat, or prescribe medications. However, we can answer general questions. Some examples include whether you need to seek urgent veterinary care, or to help assess quality of life. The cost of this convenience starts at $25 for a brief 5 minute conversation, and the final cost depends on the duration of communication with the Doctor.

Should I get pet insurance for my pets?

Getting pet insurance is always a great idea. There are many plans from which to choose. Some will help with routine visits while others can be very helpful in an emergency. If you would like help choosing a plan, contact us today!

Do you provide dentistry?

For horses, yes, routine floating is recommended on an annual basis to maintain normal chewing surfaces. For small animals, a dental examination and pre-operative blood-work can be performed, but not the dental cleaning. If a dental cleaning & extractions are needed, BFAVS can make a recommendation of a local clinic in addition to transmitting medical records.

Do you offer x-rays and ultrasound?

Yes, we offer digital radiology and have immediate results. We also offer ultrasound services.

What if you determine my pet needs medication?

BFAVS carries a supply of some commonly needed injectable, oral and topical medications that can be prescribed to you at the time of our visit. All other medications can be ordered through BFAVS online pharmacy.

If you would like to use an outside pharmacy, you will incur a prescription fee to accommodate the staff time and resources this requires.

What if I can’t catch my cat on the day of her appointment?

It is requested that you have your pet in a small area inside the home at least one hour before the visit. If this is not possible, we ask that you call to reschedule at least one hour before your appointment.

What if my pet has an after-hours problem or emergency?

If your pet is undergoing a minor emergency, BFAVS may be able to see your pet after hours. Please call or text to check current availability and clearly state EMERGENCY.

All life-threatening emergencies should be taken immediately to the closest veterinary hospital during the day and the closest veterinary emergency clinic in the evenings & holidays. Please note that we will not see new clients for after-hours emergencies.

For Large Animals:
Auburn University Large Animal Teaching Hospital 334-844-4490

For Small Animals:
Auburn University Small Animal Teaching Hospital 334-844-4690
Rivertown Veterinary Emergency 706-507-1707
Mon-Tues: 6pm-midnight
Wed: Closed
Thurs-Fri: 6pm-midnight
Sat & Sun 8am-midnight

Please make sure that you call ahead before traveling to an emergency clinic. They are frequently at maximum capacity and may need to redirect you elsewhere based on their availability and wait times.

What if my pet needs to be hospitalized?

BFAVS works with local animal hospitals, as well as specialty clinics, to fill any needs that cannot be addressed in the home. This ensures that your pet will receive the full spectrum of care. Services such as invasive surgery, hospitalization, and anesthetic procedures when needed, can be performed at a recommended animal hospital, or one of your choice. BFAVS is happy to work together with other clinics on the occasion when this is required in the best interest of your pet.

What if I am struggling to determine whether or not it is time?

We are available to schedule a home quality of life evaluation to help aid you in the decision-making process. Many times this results in the pet being placed in hospice mode. It also gives the opportunity to discuss concerns, better assess the situation, explain in detail the process and what to expect and to dispense oral sedatives/medications that may be needed prior to the end of life appointment.

We are also able to provide telehealth services to help guide you through this process. The cost of this convenience starts at $25 for a brief 5 minute conversation, and the final cost depends on the duration of communication with the Doctor. We will do our part to collect as much pertinent details in advance, which includes setting up a patient account.

Please also visit the Assessing Quality of Life and the In-Home Euthanasia pages to gather more information.

If I have my pet euthanized at home, what will happen with the body?

During business hours, the area crematorium businesses offer pick up service. There are a variety of after care options, including private and group cremation as well as burial plots, etc depending upon the facilities.

Bi-City Pet Crematory 706-569-6644
Pet Cremation Services 706-596-1200

If you are considering home burial, please refer to local ordinances.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please contact us today.