Dr. Brown is frequently asked about in-home hospice care and pet euthanasia services. Many pets require an increased level of care as they age. Chronically ill pets may need pain management, fluid therapy, and adjustment of treatment plans to help maintain their quality of life. Dr. Brown can help keep your pet comfortable as their needs increase during their twilight years as she is very experienced in a variety of pain management techniques and modalities such as medications, supplements, laser therapy, physical therapy, alternative treatments, and more.

The hardest part of being a responsible pet owner is making the difficult decision to help your pet cross the rainbow bridge. If you are uncertain if it’s time, we recommend you browse here (insert hyperlink to assessing quality of life page). We can also schedule an appointment for a quality of life consultation to discuss any concerns or options for treatments.

Once you have made the decision for euthanasia, we strive to make the procedure as peaceful as possible. Many owners find it easier to allow their pets to pass in the comfort of their own home with family as pets often have difficulty traveling in the car due to discomfort, anxiety or becoming stressed once at a veterinary hospital. In addition, many owners are too upset to drive. At home, Dr. Brown can provide a very private and relaxing environment for you and your pet.

We want you to be fully informed, understand what to expect, and be able to focus only on your beloved pet on the day of your appointment. You may find that if you plan ahead, you will be able to focus more on your beloved pet. This way, we also know exactly what your wishes are and won’t have to ask you any further uncomfortable questions.

Planning ahead may include things like :

  • Planning how you will spend the few hours before your appointment?
  • Deciding where you would like the appointment to be. (Does your pet have a favorite spot outside in the garden?)
  • Will you want to be present in the same room during the procedure?

Aftercare :

  • Do you plan to have a memorial service at home to bury your pet?
  • (Please be advised that inside Columbus city limits, it is not allowed to bury your pet at home)
  • Will you need cremation services with or without the return of ashes?
  • Will you want a specialty urn or memorial paw print?

So that you do not have to make an additional uncomfortable call, we are more than happy to make arrangements with Bi-city pet crematory on your behalf. (We will even include the cost of their services to our appointment so that you do not get a bill in the mail at a later date.)

What your appointment may look like:
Shortly after Dr. Brown arrives, we will take care of paperwork and payment so that the remainder of the visit will be about you and your pet. We do this first because as pet owners ourselves, we can’t imagine having to focus on tasks like legal paperwork or financials after a loss like that. If you prefer to sign the consent form in advance digitally, you may do so here.

When ready, the doctor will administer a sedative first to help your pet relax, take away their anxiety and pain. After they are resting comfortably, she will proceed to place an intravenous catheter. This is followed by a solution that compassionately puts your pet to sleep and they peacefully pass. In-home euthanasia is a comforting and peaceful way to say goodbye to your beloved furry family member.

At the conclusion of your appointment, Dr. Brown will excuse herself to allow you precious time with your pet. If you have other pets, we encourage you to let them have a few moments with the deceased after she has left so they are not distracted and confused by a guest.

If you have elected cremation, the crematorium staff will arrive at the conclusion of the appointment to take over the care of your pet. You are welcome to send your pet off with a favorite blanket, toy, or their collar if you desire. When your pet’s remains are ready a few days later, they will call you to arrange a convenient time to return with your pet’s ashes.

How much is an appointment of this type?
Each appointment is charged a trip fee based on your address and an additional $215.00 (price approximated for average sizes) for the actual appointment.
**Cremation services, keepsakes and memorial pawprints are charged by Bi-city pet crematory and we can let you know what those costs look like when you schedule your appointment. We can also include those on our invoice to make payment easier and to avoid receiving a bill at a later date.

When the time is getting close, please schedule an appointment in advance. Please note that same day or next day appointments are often unavailable, and will incur an emergency fee.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today at (706) 577-4365 if you think the time has come.