Brown’s Farm Animal Veterinary Services offers a variety of services to care for your animals, whether it’s horses, dogs, cats, sheep, goats or the occasional pig. At Brown’s Farm Animal Veterinary Services, it is our goal to offer the most recent and up to date medical and surgical care and laboratory diagnostics to our clients for our patients. Dr. Brown attends continuing education events several times a year in a constant pursuit of improving her practice of veterinary medicine.

Why should you use a mobile vet?

  • It’s convenient. You’ve got a busy life and it’s hard to break away from work. It’s not uncommon for people to travel 30-60 minutes to see their veterinarian. Instead, Dr. Brown comes to your house and saves you the drive time to and from a clinic.
  • You’ve got horses, enough said! Many horse clients also elect for Dr. Brown to treat their small animals at the same visit out of convenience sake.
  • It’s less stressful for your pet. Many animals get anxious or motion sick while riding in the car or on a trailer, and some only leave the house for vet visits. In addition, some animals are not well socialized yet are expected to behave in a waiting room full of new people, animals, and smells once they arrive at a clinic. Why not let them stay at home? Most pets don’t even know they are getting an exam with a house call, instead it’s perceived as extra attention and a body massage by a new friend!
  • You’ve got a LOT of animals, and it’s too hard to load up all the animals at one time, or it takes even more time to take one animal at a time. Instead, with a house call, all the animals can be seen in one visit!
  • You’ve got a large breed dog that doesn’t fit well in your small car or an elderly dog with arthritis who doesn’t get around well.

Dr. Brown can provide comprehensive medical and surgical evaluations, diagnostics, and treatment. Please browse the Large Animal and Companion Animal pages to learn more.

If you have any questions or would like more information on how Dr. Brown can care for your animal, please contact us today.